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Adult Delegates

  1. Beatrice Anderson (project coordinator, voice, music, song workshops, artist peer to peer skill share)

  2. Nora Burgos (nurse, health clinic, children’s activities)

  3. Jose Burgos (photography, solar mango dryer, reforestation)

  4. Anais Maviel (translation, voice/ song workshops, percussion, music therapy)

  5. Amber Henry (women’s empowerment circle, voice/ song workshops)

  6. Jasmine Burems (herbalism, aromatherapy, women’s empowerment circle, voice/ song workshops)

  7. Adaku Utah (herbalism, women’s empowerment circle, sexual health, dance workshops)

  8. Tonya Abernathy (aromatherapy, women’s empowerment circle, voice/ song workshops)

  9. Leah Penniman (project coordinator, reforestation and sustainability initiatives, solar mango dryer)

  10. Naima Penniman (project coordinator, facilitator dance, yoga, photography, crochet)

  11. Adele Smith Penniman (recycled arts, journal making, crochet)

  12. Jean-Baptiste Wisnel (translation, yoga, recycled arts)


Youth Delegates

  1. Emet Vitale Penniman

  2. Neshima Vitale Penniman


Tech Valley High School Students (Sustainability Initiatives)

  1. thumbs upElizabeth Cass

  2. Thomas Clark

  3. Benjamin Johnson

  4. Garrick Johnson

  5. Jennifer Mosher

  6. Drew Sanemeterio

  7. Kaila Schnoop

  8. Arianna Burns

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