2016 Delegation

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Ayiti Resurrect members Naima, Angelique, Allen, Attila and Lyndon had an incredible trip to Haiti in June 2016 to install a well (WATER FOR KOMYE) and chart the next steps of our collaboration leading toward our delegation at the end of the year!

Between December 23, 2016 – January 3, 2017, Ayiti Resurrect assembled a beautiful multi-generational all-volunteer team of 13 Black healers, builders, farmers, and artists from the African diaspora to work in collaboration with our partners in Komye to continue the rebuilding effort and restore farms and homes post-Hurricane Matthew, bring much needed supplies, and facilitate projects in collaboration with community members focused on social, spiritual, emotional, physical, and environmental health.

We just completed our 7th and FINAL delegation (read about our decision to transition our work) to restore farms and homes post-Hurricane Matthew, host clinics and freedom schools, and facilitate projects led by community members focused on art, agriculture, health, education, and women’s power. Check out the photos and report back, for a window into the journey that changed us all!