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Ayiti Resurrect embodies a holistic vision with a defined focus. Recognizing the breadth of obstacles that Haiti is up against, from cholera to PTSD, homelessness to deforestation, we challenge ourselves to be strategic and effective in our goals while standing at the intersection of multiple oppressions. We are able to take part in a comprehensive initiative in Komye by building relationships, making connections, and working in partnership with other projects:

  • Konbit Shelter is a sustainable building project that uses the wood-free super-adobe technique of earth bag architecture to construct creatively-designed homes and community spaces with local artisans, builders, and farmers. Bigones residents took part in building a community center in August 2010 that hosts Ayiti Resurrect programming.
  • Magepa is an independent engineering, construction, and management company whose goal is to revitalize and build affordable housing for post earthquake reconstruction. They built the first eco-friendly, earthquake-resistant model home in Leogane and distributed 10,000 clean-water systems throughout the earthquake zone and cholera outbreak hot-spots.
  • Assocation Planteur Mango de Comier Leogane is a local community organization that works primarily on planting mango trees in Leogane. Since the earthquake, they have been actively addressing basic needs of the community, including water purification, housing, and food distribution.
  • Mouvman Peyizan Bigone Komye is a movement to help address the problems of food production, land protection, and viable peasants cooperatives
  • ASCOL Association of Sculpteurs de Cormiers Leogane, a collective of sculptors who share a workshop space and are working toward developing a cultural and human development center and commercializing sculpture for the international market.
  • Green Haiti engaged in innovative work in the region (Barrier Jeudi) involving permaculture, composting, soil health, and water filtration to prevent cholera.
  • Tech Valley High School Beginning in 2011, we welcomed student collaborators from Tech Valley High School in New York to work with us on sustainability and reforestation initiatives as part of their study of environmental science. Our TVHS partners have contributed youthful enthusiasm and scientific knowledge that we celebrate.
  • Ayiti Cherie Healing Project is an initiative to address the mental and spiritual healing of the survivors of the earthquake and to honor the victims in Haiti. Ayiti Resurrect partnered with ACHP to organize and implement the first delegation to Komye, December 2010-January 2011. info:
  • Ujamaa Works is a multi-service social organization located in Haiti that works primarily in the areas of business and sustainable development, consulting, information technology, education, communications, health and culture.
  • Nouvelle Vie is a powerful body of youth leaders in Haiti dedicated full-time to trauma relief, community empowerment, and environmental sustainability.