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If you translate Ayiti Resurrect into Kreyol you get Ayiti Reziste or Ayiti Leve, literally Haiti resists, Haiti rises 

In the days following the quake, founding member Naima Penniman prayed that Haiti’s resulting resurrection would outweigh the current catastrophe. Ayiti Resurrect was formed as an effort to help enact that prayer. 

Ayiti Resurrect stands for a movement so much larger than us: the efforts of many grassroots communities in Haiti and abroad who desire for its people, our people, sovereignty, healing, justice and self determination. 

Ayiti Resurrect symbolizes the lifting up of the lives taken from the earthquake through dedicated acts of resilience. It also signifies the spirit of resistance from Haiti’s liberatory history as the first Black Republic that freed itself from slavery that went on to assist numerous struggles for freedom in other parts of the Caribbean, Latin America, the U.S. and West Africa. This rich rebellious history is resurrected with every seed planted, ever dance celebrated, every march organized, each harm healed, every spirit set free.



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